Stella May I know your go to sweet autumn snack is?

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Of course you may. I remember a few years ago now when cookie butter (or speculoos) was super popular and I wasn't able to get my hands on it. Now I see it as a Steak n Shake shake! Not to mention the varieties Trader Joe's now offers. There smooth (which used to be the only one), crunchy, and not with a cocoa swirl. After picking up my annual chocolate advent calendar (come back tomorrow for that post), I spotted this and got reminiscing with Mister. When we first got this, we managed to finish an entire jar in within the week! Since then we haven't had it, so 
Here I spread it over some brioche toasts for a snack. Crunchy cookie butter atop a crunchy toast. 
Cookie butter is a very decadent treat of pulverized spice cookies with a butter/oil, flour, and sugar until it resembles a nut butter consistently. You can just imagine how bad that is for you, but there is something about he spiciness that just reminds me of the holidays. It must be the cinnamon. It's a nice treat for cuddling up to a book with a nice hot cup of tea. I think I will just have to make this after I post today! 
Other ways to have cookie butter? spread it over your pancakes or waffles, mixed in with rice Kristie treats, as a dip with apples, or even heat it up a little (maybe thin it out with some milk/cream) and have a cookie butter fondue party!

Have you tried cookie butter yet? What is your favorite way to eat it? Just off the spoon is probably mine.

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