Stella May I know what staple you have to have for your hot pot?

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Of course you may. This is the Bull Head Chinese BBQ Sauce (沙茶酱). & this is like the staple sauce that is needed at every hot pot meal I've had. I know that sounds quite extreme, but something about the flavor and the texture just makes the hot pot meal for me. The barbecue sauce (also paste like) has a savory and almost spicy taste.
This special sauce has always come in this silver tin can with a plastic lid. Which, by the way, is probably not very nice to say, but a very bad lid. I always end up with a greasy mess everywhere. I haven't found a way to remedy this, but just to give it a wash after each use then sticking it back in the refrigerator.
Pop off that lid!
 How satisfying is that! Yet every time I do this I fear I will just slice off my fingers. (That's why it is Mister doing this right now.)
 So what's inside this sauce? Ingredients: soy bean oil, brill fish, garlic, spice, shallots, sesame, coconut powder, dried shrimp, chili powder, salt, and flavor enhancers.
Brill fish, not like the krill fish that whales eat. By the way did you know the whale in Finding Nemo is named Tank?
Back to the sauce, I know it's a little daunting to just see this layer of oil. (You can see how this can become a mess.) But you just wait and see what's inside.
Some people just like to dig past the oil and scoop up the goodness underneath. I, however, like to use a big spoon and mix it all in together and then spoon out the sauce. Can you just see how this can get even messier for me? For some reason I just realized about myself is that although this sauce is always ready, I only use it during hot pot meals. I want to try and incorporate it with other meals! Possibly for barbecue? But what I do in hot pot is scoop a big spoonful of this barbeque sauce, add in some soy sauce, vinegar, and green onions and that's it!
Bullhead Barbeque Sauce can be found here

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