Stella May I know how you make wontons?

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Of course you may! Last week I shared one of me and Mister's favorite warm-you-right-up foods: Red Oil Wontons. Today, as promised I'll show you  how we make the wontons.
 First off start off with a lot of green onions, or scallions. I like to use the entire stalk from whites to green for this. If you find that the white bits are too strong feel free to leave that out.
 Next add in your ground pork. As you can see this is a very fatty mix. Unlike the dumplings we made the ratio for this filling is more meat. With more meat I didn't want it to be too dry so I used a fatty mix.
 Then add in your salt. (Yes, that is a sugar pourer. I really like it as there is a pour function, and two different sprinkle sizes! We got this awhile ago from Walmart.)
 Then in with the white pepper. Regular pepper is find here too, I just has this on hand and already ground.

 With pork heavy dishes my mom has always added in shaoxing cooking wine. It's a type of rice wine. I would just omit it from the recipe if you don't have it on hand.

Mix it all together!
 It's time to wrap now! Again this may all seem very similar to the dumpling tutorial (mix filling and wrap), but there are little differences. I mean you are still mixing the filling and wrapping, but you're mixing different things and you're wrapping differently. One of the biggest differences is that the size of the filling is much smaller. With wontons there is much more of the wrapper you are having. Here I use 1 teaspoon for each wrapper.
 Plop down that filling right in the center.
Dab on a little water on two of the sides.
 Then fold it into a triangle. Then dab on a little more water onto the two outer sides.
 Now just take the two points and cross them right at the bottom of the filling pocket. Pinch tightly!
 See how that creates a little stuffed spoon perfect for your saucy goodness?
This wrapping process is much faster than the dumpling one. Also the wrappers are much thinner than the dumpling wrapper. These are all ready to float and cook in some boiling water! or make extra and freeze them! I like to freeze them on a tray first then transfer the frozen wontons into a more space-saving bag/container. Let me know if you make these!

links: Red Oil Wontons.

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