Stella May I ask, are you hand pulling noodles?

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Of course you may. You may be asking, why and how we decided to make our own hand pulled noodles? Well it all started as we were scrolling through our feeds a this ridiculous man was just pulling noodles. Then Mister decided right then that we need to not only try it but master it. That was late last year and we have been pulling noodles about twice a month. Today I wanted to share one of our earlier trys, and to show you how it's not that difficult.
 What you'll need: cake flour, baking soda, salt, sesame oil, and all purpose flour.
Making the dough is probably the easiest part. Basically all you have to do is measure out all the ingredients.
 I just did it all by scale, so it was all in one bowl and no measuring cups/spoons!
 And then let it whirl in a stand mixer!
 I use a paddle first, then the dough will form into a ball a few minutes in. Then I switch to a dough hook for the rest of the mixing time. It'll be mixing for about 15 minutes. (The very, very first time we made this we mixed the dough all by hand and it took hours. Yes, hours! So would really recommend using an electric mixer. Thankfully we weren't discouraged from that first try and tried again with a electric mixer. It makes it so much easier.)
 Then your dough is ready for pulling!
 Can you spot my napa cabbage rubber bands?
 Ideally you have a big clean surface to work on.
 We are still working on technique here so bear with me. But expect to see another hand pulled noodle recipe and how-to soon! We just need to do a couple more weeks of testing.
We used the basic recipe found here.

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