Stella May I know who is General Beauregard Lee?

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Of course you may. General Beauregard Lee is Georgia's Official Weather Prognostication. Okay, so maybe not official but he did receive a certificate from University of Georgia (DWP, Doctor of Weather Prognostication). Historically, General Lee has actually predicted the opposite from his more famous brother. You know the one who resides in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, and named Phil?
This year's forecast (his forecase in tweet form):
Slightly overcast when, at last, he rose,
To the sky, Beau turned his nose;
Then, looking about, he saw nothing,
and rightly predicted an early spring!
… and the Atlanta Falcons will beat the New England Patriots, 42-21.
— 02/02/2017 @ 7:54a, 46 degrees in Lilburn, GA

You can actually visit General Beauregard Lee at Yellow River Game Ranch. His little mansion is called Weathering Heights. I mean all the great houses are named. So how do you feel about a holiday where we wait around for a groundhog to decide the weather? If General Beauregard emerges on this day and embraces the day, then spring will come early? It's a silly tradition, but I'm still excited every year for what the groundhog will say. How about you? (btw go Falcons!)

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