Stella May I know what your first board game expansion is?

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Of course you may and as you can see it's for Pandemic! This is (well, was, but more on that later) Mister's favorite board game. We played this game almost every other day and each time we play we never just stop at one game. So when this popped up during Amazon's Black Friday lightning deals I just had to pick it up.
Now this box as been sitting on our shelf since we received it back in November! And today I thought why not open it and see what's inside.
First off this is an "An Expansion by Matt Leacock and Tom Lehmann." I am trying to make a better effort to learn and follow game designers. Is that a little silly?
 A little bit of information: the expansion adds an extra person to the game! It's actually a person that would be playing against the rest of the group. One of the reasons we like this game so much is that this is a co-operative game. I mentioned this before but if you are used to playing board games that end up being very competitive then try out co-operative games. Everyone works together and everyone wins! With this expansion, adds a enemy within your group and that one person is working against everyone else.
Also in this expansion are new character roles and a new virus.
 So first off, under the directions for the game is some stickers!
And a very hefty and large pad. This is used for that extra enemy character.
The most exciting part of this expansion: these individual petri dishes! In the original, base game there is just two sections: one section for all the pieces and another section for the cards.
So as you can imagine the all the pieces or disease cubes would be jumbled up together and you spend the first few minutes of the game just sorting it out.

 The new pawns for the new roles.
The new disease cubes. There are less of these than the normal disease cubes since they play differently than the base game ones.
 These cards go with that new disease cubes. The far most left card is for your to place on the board with the other vials.
There are also extra event cards and another Epidemic card to play the Legendary level. Me and Mister haven't tried it out yet. The manual suggests playing just the new roles and event cards first before moving on to the new purple disease cubes and epidemic cards.
 What's nice is that even with all the new additions, everything fits inside one box. The boxes are also the same size so you can also switch between the lids.
It kinda makes me really happy to see that everything has it's own place.

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