Stella May I ask how is the holiday Vaseline Lip Therapy is?

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 Of course you may. I am a total sucker for lip balms and when limited editions come out, I just can't help but want to pick it up. Even though I don't use the Vaseline Lip Therapy line of lip balms, the cute, pink, fair isle or Christmas sweater pattern totally suckered me in.
 I actually realized I don't have any of the tin package of this lip balm. I only have the teensy, baby Vaseline tub kind. The normal type of packaging is like a retro one that I believe was available years ago and then reintroduced recently overseas (Europe) and then here in the US. The product inside feels the same to me.
 It's basically just a tinted Vaseline, petroleum jelly formula. My thoughts with using this kind of lip balm is when I know I just want to seal everything in. If my lips are super dry, this won't do anything. The product will just kind of sit on top and won't moisturize. So what do I use Vaseline Lip Therapy for? It's my second lip balm. What I mean is, I use it as a topper! I apply a moisturizing lip balm and then following, I top it with this one. It just seals everything in. The only thing is that this one has a little bit of a tint, so I feel like I could see it smearing all over my pillow case.
So I totally know I fell off the boat with my little blog here, but here I am back for sure. It was a longer than needed break and I should be totally refreshed and ready to blog daily. I want to bring more to my blog and really have it represent more of my life. I also want to makeover the site a little bite. I want to be better at cross promoting my blog on instagram (that's for you sis!) & lastly I want to blog daily, like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. (This is my little, belated New Year's Resolution.) So come back for more content with cooking, baking, beauty, DIY's, board games, travel diaries, Popcorn the hedgehog, Oswald the cat, organizing, and just lifestyle!

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