Stella May I know how your holiday season is going? Atlanta Botanical Gardens: Garden Lights Holiday Nights

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Of course you may. I know it's been quite a while since I posted anything. It was all going so well too! I was posting every week day and then I just stopped. Things came up and my blog went on the back burner a little, but not anymore. Before the new year starts I want to get back on the horse and back to SMI. (not waiting for those New Year's Resolution, but I will no doubt be still making a list so look out for that soon!)
After being in Atlanta for the past few years, can you believe I have yet to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden? So while I can't attest to how the Gardens are during the day time or any other time of the year, the visit was actually really nice. You don't really see much of the plant life, but the lights displays are pretty to look at. (These pictures are really not doing them any justice. You don't the full effect of the lights or the twinkling.)
We got here a little after the sun set, which that's when the opening hours are for the Holiday Lights anyway. So you would also be coming in after dark. I went on a Sunday so it wasn't too crowded. But we were planning on visiting the day before except they were sold out online. We would have gone to the late night 9 PM special discounted ticketed one, but our dinner decided to take longer (because of the waiter) than we planned. I was worried that although the late night special was discounted, you would only get an hour to see everything. But that's plenty enough time, especially since it's also freezing outside and that's about how long I can stay out. So check tickets before hand! (This is a separated even from the regular admission.)
 There a little bonfire are to make s'mores! This was me catching the falling marshmallow. (#totalnewbiemove)
 If you can't tell, it's a dragonfly. (There's also a premium deluxe ticket that includes 3D glasses, and these subbosedly look much cooler through them.) I don't think I will be trying the deluxe one next time either.
 A poinsettia Christmas Tree
Why hello, Thomas!
The giant sign outside the Botanical Garden, if you happen to somehow miss this, you surely can't miss the super long line of cars leading to it.

Some things I must remember the next time I go: dress warm! I probably should have had a hat or a scarf or mittens or something! And there were so many people with those Christmas light necklaces. That would be totally obnoxious any other time, but just walking around the garden, they seem to just blend in. Not to mention since it is dark you can totally find your party if they happen to turn around. It's also quite small so we didn't have a route planned and we got to see everything. Also we parked in the residential area across the street and avoided paying the parking fees. If you do the same just remember to look for the signs! Some spots require permits.

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