Stella May I ask what new board game you have been playing?

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Of course you may. This is Five Tribes and it was a very nice Christmas gift! This (and another game coming later this month) has been on constant replay. In this game, you are competing to gain the points by controlling the (you guessed it..) Five Tribes.
First off there components and instructions. The whole game is just so nice to look at. From the artwork to all the different pieces, it's all just so pretty.
Also included are individual cards that explain the different Djinns (basically genie cards that you buy to give you an advantage) and punch outs for the tiles and currency. You already know how I feel about these punch-outs. My perfectionist side of me just wants them to be perfect, but no matter how I punch them out it never is.
The backs of the Djinns card is a game turn list. As you can see there is quite a lot to do with each turn, but as you get the game going it moves pretty quickly.
 One of the unique features of Five Tribes is that you actually bid for your turn order. So for example if you really want to go first then you can pay 18 coins. Keeping in mind that each coin is a whole point, bidding to go first can become very expensive very quickly.
 The other components in the game. I was so happy to see the little trays for each of the components. I have noticed that none of the games we have have labels to let me know what goes where..
Five Tribes of Merchants, Elders, Assassins, Viziers, and Builders.
Lastly included is a drawstring bag, a scorepad, the Djinns, merchant cards, and turn markers.

Five Tribes is one of those classic Eurogame with a lot of strategy and a little bit of luck involved. I think I will go over the game play in another post soon as I don't have pictures of us playing. (It's just so easy to set up and clean up!)

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